Buy USB Sticks in Bulk for These Applications

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Many businesses buy USB sticks in bulk for reasons such as sharing marketing or promotional material with clients, but the average person can also benefit from buying these compact electronic devices in bulk. You may not have previously given much consideration to buying USB sticks in bulk, but if you frequently find you're buying a couple sticks at a time because you've loaned some to friends and haven't had them returned, it's better to make a small bulk order and know you'll always have some USB sticks when you need them. Here are some different ways that you can use a bunch of USB sticks after buying them.

Sharing Event Photos

Whether your child has had a birthday party or you've had a family reunion at your home, many people will be asking for photos in the coming days and weeks. To save the time of having to email photos to people or post them on social media, take a quick moment to download any photos you've taken and transfer them to several USB sticks. At a child's birthday party, for example, try to get this job done before the other children leave, and then you'll be able to give a USB stick to each parent as the children pick up their loot bags. Ideally, some of the parents will return the sticks to you, but even if they don't, you won't be out much money because you bought the sticks in bulk.

Teaching or Tutoring

If you teach a musical instrument to children from your neighborhood or offer tutoring services, it can be advantageous to have a supply of USB sticks handy. Ideally, your students will show up for their lessons with a USB stick to make a copy of sheet music or homework, but there will invariably be some children who forget. You can quickly overcome this obstacle by having a USB stick handy that you can load up whatever you need to send the student home with.

Backing Up Important Documents

You can never back up important documents too many times, and having a bulk supply of USB sticks will allow you to do so. Whether you're backing up a project that you're working on at night school, saving family photos, or keeping copies of important legal documents, it's smart to back these things up on multiple USB drives. You can even make a copy and leave a USB drive in your safety deposit box at the bank while keeping a USB drive in your safe at home and others in other desired areas.

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