The Key Enhancements Of Flash Drive Cases

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If you've heard of flash drive cases before but are wondering why people use them, here are some top reasons why you could use a flash drive case. Considering how common flash drives are these days, you'd be surprised how useful a case accessory can be.

Multiple Carry

If you have more than one flash drive, you are more likely to have a tendency to misplace one or more of them, or at least have them end up in separate places. Flash drives are, after all, fairly small most of the time. If you have a case that can hold 2 or more, you'll make sure that they always end up in the same spot and not scattered around all over the place.

Chances are good that when you want access to one flash drive you're probably going to want access to them all. You may even have files in pieces stretched across multiple flash drives that would render the files useless if you didn't have them all together. This is why a case to house all your flash drives is beneficial.

Data Security

Some cases allow you to lock your USB flash drives so that other people can't use them unless you unlock it first. While you can encrypt flash drives, it never hurts to have multiple different types of security on your more sensitive data. Someone who has a way past your encryption using a brute force method may not have thought of needing to open a physical lock.

It can make the drive harder to pickpocket off of you as well if the case comes with a clip that you can securely connect to a belt loop and then slide in your pocket. Despite the name, most "cutpurses" these days don't actually carry knives on them for cutting off things attached to your belt.

Physical Damage Protection

Additionally, flash drive cases can help make sure that your drives remain protected in case they are dropped or other physical damage occurs. The level of protection is obviously going to depend on the case. Nylon cases may offer some protection from dropping the drives and from the elements but less protection from heavier physical damage. If you need your drives safe from a higher level of damage, you will need cases made of thicker material such as Kevlar.

In the end, it can really help enhance your use of flash drives if you find a case that meshes with your particular usage requirements. The key is checking them all out. 

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