Signs Your Hard Drive Is in Trouble

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Nothing strikes fear into your heart like computer problems. For many people, once the computer locks up, the day stops. You can't get your work done, and perhaps as important, you can't communicate with your friends the world over. Although many such issues can be caused by software problems, others issues can be more serious and involve your computer hardware. In order to proceed appropriately, you need to know the signs of hard drive issues.

File Problems

The hard drive on your computer may be slowly failing if you begin to have file problems. If you save a file without any difficulty and then have problems opening it, your hard drive may be at fault. The file might be corrupted. Worse, you may have files begin to mysteriously disappear. Hours and even days of work can simply vanish. Once you experience these issues, you need to immediately back up all of your files. You should make certain all important information is stored in the cloud or on another computer system.


When your car or your household appliances start to make unpleasant noises, you know that something is probably wrong. The same holds true for your hard drive. When your computer grinds and pops, your computer's motor may be failing or it may have bad bearings. Whatever the cause, noise means you have little time left to rescue your data. If you have not done so already, back up everything immediately.

Messages and Screens

If you begin to see frequent warning/error messages while you are doing basic tasks, you should worry. Sure, you can reboot, but the message was a symptom of some issue. A healthy hard drive will work smoothly and efficiently. Also, a frozen screen, or even worse, a blue screen, may well mean that your hard drive is nearly gone. All computers hit an occasional snag, but having regular screen and error message problems are the equivalent of your having heart issues. You need to pay attention to these serious symptoms.

When your computer hard drive is about to give out, your computer will send you clear warning signals. As with a problem car, noises, hesitation, and error messages mean trouble is afoot. When these issues arise, immediately back up all your files and call an electronics repair company. Have your computer evaluated to see if it can be repaired for a reasonable amount of money. If it cannot, be prepared to go computer shopping.