Keep It Tight: How To Hide TV Cords Inside Your Wall

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Today's flat panel televisions can require all sorts of unsightly cords. From the LED power cord to the HDMI cable and the cord that runs from your television to your cable box, all of these cords can become an unsightly, jumbled mess. If you have a wall-mounted television and you want to keep them hidden inside the wall, here is an easy way to keep them nice and neatly hidden.

Make Access Holes

In order to hide the cables for your TV set inside of the wall, you will need to make two holes to run them through. The first hole should be near the bottom of the wall close to the floor and near an electrical outlet, and the second one will need to be right behind your TV. This process can only be done if you have drywall or sheet rock. It cannot be done with brick or concrete interior walls. Using a sheet rock saw, cut a small rectangular hole for the bottom and the top portions. If you make a mistake, you can easily repair it with a drywall patch kit later. Make sure the holes are a few inches on all sides so you will have plenty of room to run the cords through.

Fish The Wires

In order to get the wires through the wall, you will need to use a steel fish tape. You can find this at most home improvement stores. It's designed to help run wires and cables through things like walls and carpet and will make the process much easier. First, run the fish tape through the top hole in the wall and slowly "fish" it down until it comes out of the bottom hole in your wall. Then attach all of your cords in a bundle together using electrical tape, and then attach the bundle to the end of the fish tape. Fish the cords back up through the wall until the end comes up through the top hole, and now all of your cables are hidden inside of the wall.

Making It Look Neat

Once you've fished all of your cables through the wall, you can plug them back into the back of your television set. If you have a swing-out type TV mount, have someone help you hold the TV set outward until you can plug everything into the back of the television correctly. Then, place the TV back in place flush to the wall and plug the opposite ends back into the electrical outlet or power strip. Now, all of those bulky, lengthy cables should be neatly hidden and concealed and you won't have to contend with a tangled, ugly mess. To make your television look neat, buy LCD tv power cords.