Seven Sweet Gadget Gifts This Christmas Season

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If you want to give a gift that is sure to please, consider one of the many new electronic gadgets and devices hitting the market. These offer unique functions and convenience, and there is something that will appeal to a broad range of recipients. Buy geek gadgets and gifts that will bring a smile on Christmas morning.

Seven cool gifts for your geek this holiday include:

1.Retro typewriter keyboard. If you or your gift recipient miss the good old days of manual typewriters, these cool, inventive variations on this classic are sure to be a hit. These resemble the old-school typewriters but this keyboard has Bluetooth capacity, wireless connectivity, and built-in stand for your tablet.  

2.The mini-drone. If you don't want to shell out big bucks for your very own drone, consider buying one of the new "wallet drones" for a lot less money. These are cool, clever toys, though some of these smaller drones do not have camera function.

3.A smart watch. Just when you thought computers couldn't get any smaller, the smart watch is released. These are offered by a few familiar computer manufacturers, and the functions and memory vary depending on the brand and style you choose.

4.A Hoverboard. A Hoverboard is probably the most requested gift this Christmas season. Young and old alike want the Segway experience on these skateboard sized devices.

5.Three-dimensional printer. If you really want to blow someone's mind, consider getting one of the new 3-D printers. These are not cheap, but there is a high-quality micro-version on the market that is much less expensive and quite impressive.

6.Sushi-sized keyboard. While roll-up keyboards aren't anything new, the sleek style and sushi-size make this keyboard a fun stocking stuffer this holiday for anyone.

7.Selfie sticks. If everyone on your gift-giving list already has a selfie-stick to take pictures with their phone or tablet, consider the newer, flexible metal variations that allow for easy handling and a modern look. These inexpensive gadgets will hold the phone or device in any awkward position, making it handy for facetime or capturing photos.

Consider buying one of the new and inventive electronic gadgets hitting store shelves this holiday season. From bendy-selfie sticks to a fun ride on a Hoverboard, there are gadget gifts to fit any and all budgets. Talk with electronic retailers about  the most innovative devices this shopping season, and the best options for your buying budget.