5 Features Every Man Cave Should Have

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Many homes are now built with a so-called 'bonus' room. While this room can be used for just about anything the new homeowner can think of, the best use, especially if you are a guy, is to create a man cave in that extra space. The growing man cave trend often involves a space for the man of the house to escape, usually with other men that aren't lucky enough to have their own cave. While the trend has no specific requirements, there are several popular items that should include.  

1. Plasma TV with Surround Sound: Every man cave needs a TV. How else are you going to watch football, baseball, basketball, hockey, Indy racing, or soccer? Whether you go with one television or several, your electronics are an important part of your man cave. You need the good stuff.

2. Lounge-Style Seating: A man needs to be comfortable, and good seating is key. Anything goes in this space, from a leather lounge chair to a huge sectional. If money is tight, you can use two twin mattresses to form makeshift seating for a crowd. {For more information, visit stores like Merlins TV

3. Cooking: If your cave is located near an exterior door, keep your BBQ grill, smoker, or deep fryer in the area. If not, a microwave will do. Being able to whip up a burger or fry a turkey without having to leave your man cave is a great feature. You should also have a small fridge to keep liquid refreshments cold. A full-blown bar with a keg-a-nator would be even better. 

4. Games: Whether you prefer classic arcade games, like Centipede and Pac Man, or love to shoot a good game of pool, your cave needs to have access to games. Darts, a foosball table and air hockey are also good choices. What else are you going to do during the commercials? 

5. Display Space: Whether you collect Star Wars figurines—in their original packaging, of course—sports memorabilia, comic books, or cowboy boots, your man cave is the place to display it all. Your wife may not let you have all your stuff in the living room, but she can't tell you what to do here. Fill the room with shelves and glass cases so everything can be out and on display for the whole world to see. Incorporate custom units to give the really cool pieces a place of honor. 

A man cave is a place where men can be men, watch manly television shows, eat manly food, and do manly stuff. Make yours exactly the way you want it.